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Area of Expertise

Spiritual Healing through Mediumship, Mentorship and Psychic Readings

An open book with regards to the chaos that is motherhood, blended families, and raising medically complex children, all while learning to embrace living authentically.


For far too long, I have cared what people think of me. This underlying fear of judgement has kept me from feeling comfortable, just as I am, and it's exhausting. So, here I am, more vulnerable than ever, ready to declare who I truly am. My name is Mandy, and I provide spiritual healing as a psychic medium.


Mediumship was never something I had planned for in life. Sometime in 2017, I saw a medium for the first time and was told that I was also a psychic medium and that  this work would be my career one day. There was no way to wrap my head around this concept, as I already had a successful career and an extremely analytical mind. Suddenly, I was taken back to being terrified of the experiences I had as a child and praying not to see, hear, or feel spirit anymore. Still, I watched as the medium provided the most loving and healing messages. It was different than anything I had imagined a mediumship reading would be. She was able to provide messages that healed me of debilitating anxiety surrounding my daughter who has complex medical needs. I recall thinking, "maybe spirit is not so scary."


Despite my fears, spirit was ready to rock and roll. Somehow, it just started happening so naturally and I began providing practice readings. It was as if I was getting back on a bicycle after decades of not riding. And you know what? Those readings were so beautiful and humbling. This has required a lot of learning to let go of ideals I thought I understood and being open to many new emotions, but it is an indescribable feeling of weightlessness. I recognize and accept these abilities, in which I feel compelled to share with others.


Alas, The Mother Medium was born - a platform which I can be of service to you and your healing process. I still have a difficult time understanding and explaining how it all happened, and I am still working through the fear of the skeptics, controversy, potentially embarrassing my husband, kids, and family. However, that fear has to be pushed aside for now. Otherwise, I will never live authentically, just as I am. A mother and a medium, who absolutely adores her wild and crazy family and provides healing messages to those with loved ones in spirit. I have a foul mouth but a big ol' heart. Welcome to The Mother Medium. I hope you all stick around with me for this journey.

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