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2022 A Year of Transition

2022 New Year Resolution- “Let That Shit Go.” When I go inward and ask my guides what this year has in store for us all, I hear over and over it will be a year of transformation. 2021 was a year of solitude and inner work. This year… this year will bring transformation. Transformation is good, but it isn’t always easy. Remember that as we experience the growing pains that come along with change. It’s going to be chaotic and messy, yet beautiful and we will be so so very blessed even through the tough times.

Last year was really tough and I really took a step back from mediumship while healing my own wounds and strengthening the relationship with my team in spirit. Hopefully this provides even more meaningful, healing messages to you all. Thanks to all of you who were patient and kind during this hiatus. I’m coming back strong this year. Spirit has made it clear, this is my path. Time to embrace it and let go of the control! It’s tough work letting go of other people’s opinions, but this is the time for it! Cheers to another year and fresh start, make it count! Love and Light to every person who reads this.

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