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Coming Out

For far too long, I have cared what people think of me. This underlying fear of judgement has kept me from feeling comfortable, just as I am, and it's exhausting. So, here I am, more vulnerable than ever, ready to declare who I truly am. My name is Mandy, and I am a psychic medium.

Mediumship was never something I had planned for in life. Surely, we will dive deeper into this eventually, but for now, I just want to skim the surface and talk about my experience with the process of "coming out" as a medium. It was about 3 years ago when I was told for the first time that I was a psychic medium, and that this would one day be my career. There was no way to wrap my head around this concept, and quite frankly I thought, "never gonna happen. Not this girl." I couldn't possibly. Suddenly, I was taken back to being terrified of the experiences I had as a child and praying not to see, or hear, or feel spirit anymore. However, I watched as the amazing medium that shared this information provided the most loving and healing messages to so many others. It was different than anything I had imagined a mediumship reading would be like. She was able to provide messages that healed me of debilitating anxiety surrounding my daughter who has complex medical needs. I recall thinking, "maybe spirit is not so scary."

Despite my fears, spirit was ready to rock and roll. I was guided to join several development groups and started reading, well listening, to all the books I could. I have four children and rarely get the opportunity to read a traditional book, let alone learning to connect with passed loved ones. Somehow, it just started happening so naturally. It was as if I was getting back on a bicycle after decades of not riding. And you know what? Those readings were so beautiful. It has been a lot of learning to let go of things I thought I understood and being open to many new experiences, but it is an indescribable feeling of weightlessness. Now that I had begun unlocking these abilities, I was unsure what came next. Working with other mediums and peers has reiterated and reinforced my ability to help others connect with their loved ones. I recognize and accept this to be a gift in which I feel compelled to share with others. Alas, The Mother Medium was born - a platform which I can be of service to you and your healing process. So, I started the blog, but there was still one problem...How in the HELL do I explain to my family and friends that I talk to dead people?

I am still not sure what the correct answer is, but for me...I guess it's a blog post! The fear of the skeptics and fear of embarrassing my husband, kids, and family has to all be pushed aside for now. Otherwise, I will never live authentically, just as I am. A mother and a medium, who absolutely adores her wild and crazy family and provides healing messages to those with loved ones in spirit. I have a foul mouth but a big ol' heart. And now, I guess the closet door is wide the fuck open. Welcome to The Mother Medium. I hope you all stick around with me for this journey.

Love and light,


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